Meditation Session with Eddie Lee for PNC

One Time SessionĀ  for $20.00

  • This session will be available as a one-time Skype webinar with with an introduction to Eddie Lee, the meditation facilitator.
  • The meditation session portion will be 10-15 minutes long.
  • Eddie will be able to answer up to ten mediation related questions via email for the month following the session.
  • The terms of this service allows for as many PNC employees/contractors as interested in attending.
  • Webinar will be hosted by PNC as a Skype meeting with Eddie and Vanessa dialing in via phone and Swathy as facilitator.
  • Meditation audio for individual use and private mediation sessions are available for purchase.
  • Please whitelist the following domain, if needed. This is where Eddie’s mediation audio and mediation question form exists.

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